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As the name of the Blog suggests this is going to be a collection of my thoughts and ideas. If I’m in the groove I tend to ramble on and on and jump from one topic to another, so prepare for that.

My general interests include technology, music, operating systems, gadgets, games, different religious beliefs, ways to better oneself and books. Through this blog I want to help myself to keep me accountable to post somewhat regularly and strengthen my consistency. I feel that if I can get persistent in my writing endeavors I can also improve in other parts of my life, namely excercise and getting through books more eagerly.

There may be some days where the topics at hand might not fit your interests at the given time and there will be others where the opposite may be true. As I am not laser focused on a single topic I feel I can talk about many different things and try to explain them in a clear and understandable fashion to people who are new to certain topics such as the many different subgenres of metal.

Let’s have fun together!


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